Panel Charges

The 1997 Act gives the Panel the power to impose charges for the purpose of defraying expenses incurred by it in performing its functions.

The headings under which charges may be made are set out in section 16 of the 1997 Act, and the rates at which charges are levied are subject to the consent of the Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment.

Five categories of charges are made:

  1. Annual charges payable by relevant companies
  2. Charges on dealings in the securities of relevant companies
  3. Document charges – offers
  4. Document charges – offer document charges on offerors which are not relevant companies
  5. Document charges – hearings

Financial advisers should ensure that their clients are aware of the charges imposed by the Panel, and should submit a computation of the appropriate charge to the Panel promptly following the making of an offer, or other event giving rise to a charge.

Download the Panel Charges (PDF, 48KB)