Jurys Doyle Hotel Group plc

Tuesday, 20 September 2005

Jurys Doyle Hotel Group plc (“Jurys Doyle” )

The Panel has considered representations from the advisers to Jurys Doyle and to Aldersgate Investments Limited (“Aldersgate”) in relation to the application of Rule 2.8 of the Takeover Rules to Aldersgate.

Rule 2.8 provides that except with the consent of the Panel, a person who makes a statement that they do not intend to make an offer in respect of a relevant company shall not make an offer in respect of that company within twelve months thereafter.  On 31 August 2005 Precinct Investments Limited (“Precinct”) announced inter alia that they no longer intended to make an offer for Jurys Doyle.  Consequent upon this announcement the restrictions under Rule 2.8 apply to Precinct and to any co-offerors of Precinct.  Having regard to the basis upon which Aldersgate participated with Precinct in relation to a possible offer for Jurys Doyle, the Panel has decided that Aldersgate was a co-offeror with Precinct and as such the restrictions under Rule 2.8 also apply to Aldersgate.

The Panel has also decided that following its decision in relation to this matter Aldersgate should be removed from the offer period disclosure list.

20 September, 2005